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Update as of January 1, 2019: The Benedick Road Public Hearing was held on December 11, 2018. Attached below are links to the both the Agenda and late item additions which will give you some idea of the letters that were submitted opposing this project. It is also worth watching the individual presentations that were given at the Public Hearing opposing this project.

The individual presentations start at the 54-minute mark of the webcast:

The Public Hearing session is now closed - no further public input will be considered. It is anticipated that the 3rd Reading will come before Council in late February.


The July 24, 2018 Council Meeting voted to approve the Benedick Road development for 2nd Reading and to set up a Public Hearing for this development.  In total, the plan called for the initial building of 38 single dwelling houses and an additional 13 single dwelling houses if the builder can demonstrate that it is safe to build on the land slippage area.  Current plans assume that the development will be accessed through Benedick Road albeit there will likely be a second entrance through Casa Palmero (see Casa Palmero Development for more info)


Webcast of July 24 council meeting (click on Item #9.1.1)

Benedick development map

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The Public Hearing for the Benedick Road Development will be held on Tuesday, December 11th at 1:30 PM at the Lion's Club Community Centre- 2566 Main Street, West Kelowna. All persons can attend this meeting and can request to speak. As well or alternatively, all persons can send in a written submission as long as it is sent in before Monday, December 10 at 4:00 PM. Emails should be sent to and should have in the subject line "Attn City Clerk - OCP Bylaw # 100.18 and Zoning Amendment Bylaw 154.15.

Please be aware, the public hearing is likely the community’s last chance to provide City Council with our input and feedback before they move towards making a decision to proceed with approvals or changes to this development, so if this is important to you it is imperative that you

  1. write a letter and email to City Council

  2. attend the meeting in person if possible to voice your opinion.

  3. send a link to this web page to others that you know in surrounding communities that are concerned about the scale of development next to the sensitive Kalamoir Park area.

To learn more about this project, click on link:

or go the the link below and click on Agenda Item 9.1.4 to view the discussion about this development at the November 27 Council Meeting: