481 Casa Rio Drive Park & Lift Station Upgrades


You may have noticed construction is progressing at the Casa Rio Drive park. What you see onsite now is the forms for the cast in place concrete border.  The new playground will go inside that border (shown in yellow area below closest to street).  The two kiosks on the lower part of the park are part of the lift station (shown in blue area below).  New bollards are planned to replace the old bollards to keep motorized vehicles from entering the park.

Intended future use of lift stations: The lift station is servicing the existing lots on the downhill side of Casa Rio Drive, along with one property accessed from Zdralek Cove.  The lift station is not intended to be used for any future development.

Original view

old look.PNG

Planned map

new plans.PNG

Proposed playground (front view)

draft 2.PNG

Proposed playground (back view)

draft 1.PNG