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At the June 26 Council Meeting, Council gave 1st Reading to the Blackmun Bay and asked that it be taken directly to Public Hearing.  This is a somewhat unusual outcome, given that normally projects of this nature would go to 2nd reading before a Public Hearing (indicating the high interest from the community on this project and desire for the City Council to gather community feedback at the Public Hearing).  The Public Hearing will likely be delayed until after the municipal elections, which will be held on October 20, 2018.  Anybody can speak at the Public Hearing to oppose or support this project.  To learn more about the rationale behind Council's decision and what the Blackmun Bay project will look like, please click on the links below.


Webcast of June 26 council meeting (click on Item #9.1.1)

Updated Blackmun Bay project from developer website:


If you oppose the Blackmun Bay development, there is a petition that has been circulated by the community here:  

Whether you are for, or against, the development, please be prepared to speak at the Public Hearing, and/or write letters to your City Council. The CLCA will update you on timing of the Public Hearing and any other news as it becomes available on this web page.

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